Opportunities in Maritime & Fisheries

With coast line of 3025km and Sovereignty territorial waters up to 200 nautical miles

Geographically, Somalia is located in the East of Africa. Adjacent to Indian Ocean and in the north the Gulf of Aden of Red Sea. The size of the land is estimated 637, 540 km square; with coast line of 3025 km square with population of 9, 639, 541. Sovereignty territorial waters up to 200 nautical miles. Most of the valuable marine organisms found along the coastline are being exploited by the local artisanal fishing community, but the level of utilisation is far below the potential sustainable capacity of the territorial waters. The reduced level of the exploitation is also due to lack of functional infrastructure available in the country.

Why Invest

At present, in fact, no demersal and pelagic fish are being exploited in Somalia for the fresh frozen markets. Only small quantities are being fished, most of which are gutted, salted, sun-dried and then exported to Mombassa, Kenya.


  • 3025 km that borders the Indian Ocean and the Gulf of Aden
  • Its waters are home to some of the richest fishing grounds in Africa and present considerable potential for artisanal fisheries and coastal area development
  • However, the sector remains undeveloped where its ministry lacks sufficient resources and budget to implement existing policies
  • Fishing is under exploited due to the reliance on and abundance of livestock, the absence of good infrastructure and shortage of funds
  • There is potential for great success with renewed investment in this sector
  • Local and international demand for fish is growing and this creates a great opportunity to develop fishing operations in Somalia