Banana export suspended for three years but restarted in 1993 after dole Fruit Company contracted with the commercial farmers. Immediately after the entry if dole company, Somali fruit, the Italian partner resumed its production and export in avery competitive manner, banana production area rose up sharply; and the export business lasted for some years unfortunately the aggressive competition between the two companies ended up with suspension of the export activities many attempts were dine during the last few years, and there is great possibility to revive provided securing sustainable market is secured.

  • Fertile soils continuously replenished from silt deposits during irrigation
  • Main varieties: Granara and Valery
  • Use of gravity and supplementary pump irrigation
  • Limited affliction by nematodes, weevils and black sigatoka
  • Demand and supply are at equilibrium for the local marke

Summary of Percentages

Increase of income
Increase of farm gate price
Yield increase by 15 Mt per ha per year

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